About Us

Love everything NICHE

“I believe that being a woman is a blessing. I believe that looking and feeling good about yourself should come naturally and be a pleasure.” Nisha

Nisha Vedhara grew up surrounded by the vibrant and passionate love of design that came from her mother’s fashion studio. Nisha was encouraged to explore her natural flair for style and her appreciation of quality fabrics; she designed her own clothes from the age of 14 and then her first range at the age of 18. 

After graduating from the London College of Fashion, Nisha fulfilled her desire to help other women feel the power, joy and renewed self-confidence of perfect, bespoke styling.

“Whether women shop online from my existing ranges, or come to the studio for Personal Styling my intention is exactly the same. I know how to make different women, of different shapes, heights, ages and lifestyles look amazing. I know what clothes look right together and how outfits should be accessorised. So no matter how you shop with Love Niche, I’ll help you. I’ll advise and guide; support and reassure.” Nisha


The Love Niche Studio

“My number one aim isn’t to sell you clothes in fact; it’s to sell you confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, pride and a new lease of life.” Nisha

The Love NICHE Studio is your own private ‘walk-in wardrobe’, complete with Personal Stylist.

This is a unique space for you to explore your own style and discover how to express it. The freedom to experiment is liberating and the professional guidance from your Personal Stylist is empowering.

The Love NICHE Studio is about expression. We all have different versions of ourselves that will shine at different times of day and night, or at different occasions. 

“Some women come to my Studio looking for one special outfit; some come looking for an entirely new capsule wardrobe complete with accessories – but all women, without exception, come looking to learn a little about themselves. Women know what they want, but don’t always know how to achieve it… they know how they deserve to feel, but don’t always know how to express it. I know.” Nisha