Francesca Calise

Spending a few hours with Nisha has greatly improved my outlook and my ability to look at clothes differently. Nisha showed me what clothes can actually do and how they can make you feel. Simple but incredibly useful tips on colour, styles, layering and accessories. Knowing what suits me and my body shape is extremely useful as it means when I walk into a shop I can eliminate all the clothes I know don’t suit me thus finally ridding myself of that awful dread of “where do I look first and what should I try on” I don’t think shopping will even be a completely joyful event for me, give me a mountain to climb any day..but Nisha and her incredible knowledge and flare has at least given me the ability to successfully shop for clothes when I need to, more importantly to put an outfit together.

I truly loved the experience of trying on all the lovely clothes in Nisha’s beautiful studio. A glamorous and relaxing shopping experience with a personal touch that has been lost in the modern day high street. Every outfit I tried on I saw in the mirror a different woman and saw a side of my personality I didn’t realise was there.


Donna Hutchinson – Manager

As a retail manager I know customer satisfaction is vital, love niche is all about that! As soon as you walk in the studio you feel more than a customer. The collections are unique and Nisha helps style you as if what you are buying was made for you. Shopping should be an experience and going to love niche is that and more.


Anuradha Vedhara – Primary Teacher

I instantly fell in love with Nisha’s unique clothing collections. The fabric and embellishment were of the highest quality giving this my gorgeous outfit an elegant but outstanding look. Clothes like these are normally difficult to find especially when you want something more luxurious and individual. However, if you want something eye-catching and beautiful then I would recommend visiting Nisha at Love-Niche. Her creativity and styling techniques will leave you feeling beautiful as you turn heads in the crowd. She is an asset to Newcastle’s fashion scene.

I was 5 months pregnant when I wore this outfit. The silhouette was very flattering and I received many compliments.


Alexandra Brewster – Blogger – Newcastle upon Tyne

I discovered the hidden away wonders of the Love NICHE via my hairdresser ‘Sabai Hair’ and I was instantly mesmerized by the original fashion treasures and gems that I found in the Studio. I couldn’t leave without something. I left with two jumpers, one covered in sequins (which is so me!) and another with leather fringing on the sleeves and a scarf. I wear the scarf all the time even to accessorise the most casual outfits to dress them up and pair it with a blazer or my wardrobe staple, a classic leather jacket.

I’m very excited to see what Love Niche Studio has to offer at their Summer 2013 fashion show this May during Newcastle Fashion Week. I look forward to perhaps finding some new pieces I can wear to London Fashion Week this coming September too.


Alex Morris – Retail and Marketing Consultant – Newcastle upon Tyne

I had forgotten how excited I get around clothes until I walked into Nisha’s Studio just over three months ago. Not only it is so refreshing to see something that is truly different and unusual, but I also feel I have met someone who is just as excited about making people feel and look good as I was when I had my own boutique. It is nice to be on the other side for once and to be looked after properly by someone who is both friendly and extremely fashion-savvy!


Sonia Seth – Interior Designer – New Delhi

Wow! I am blown away by the Love NICHE London collection. Although I usually dress up smartly, I have always had trouble styling myself in such a way that would make me look different from everyone else. In a short personal styling session, Nisha nailed what is appropriate about my body type and showed me how to make myself look sexy and chic. Her styling tips and clothes are so unique and so spot on. I now feel more confident about dressing up formally or casually. Love NICHE London is my ideal one stop shop”for fashionable clothes and accessories and I can’t wait for the new collection to arrive every changing season. Thanks Nisha… you make me feel special.


Adity Bembi – Recruitment consultant

The Love NICHE Studio has amazing collections for every occassion. Every dress has great colour, cut & nice fabric which makes me feel youthful. They always pick me up… I have always ended up buying more than what i have planned for. I just love your sense of style ….


Aaina Aggarwal – Sales Marketing

Like any other girl, I always wanted to see myself dressed appropriately for any big or small occasion right from the selection of the garment to the bag, the shoes, the make up and every little detail. I would feel happy when I felt I had got the right look and depressed when I had made mistakes. The worst part would be not being able to realise what was going wrong where. And one fine day, Nisha and her lovely brand Love NICHE came into my life and overnight, it was like a dream had come true for me. Not only did she do a complete wardrobe makeover for me but at the same time, and in spite of her hectic schedule, she spent a lot of her valuable time teaching me and advising me how to put together the perfect look. I’ve never felt more confident and secure as far as my dressing is concerned. And it’s all because of you Nisha. I have no words to thank you.